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.NET for Linux or Other Platforms – Novell Mono

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Whilst most of my work is done in VB.NET for Windows client and server PCs, I do also have a Linux server which I mostly am stuck coding in php on.  It would be nice if it were possible to code in .NET on it, and this is actually partially possible.

Novell have been working on a project called Mono over the last few years to create an alternative implementation of .NET for other platforms, including Linux.  They have implemented most of the major features and classes, but there are still a few areas which are patchy.  I usually find that the Handles VB.NET keyword doesn’t work and causes a compiler error, but it is quite possible to make a decent site that operates on Mono.  I’ve even compiled a DLL file in Visual Studio and used it in a Mono project’s Bin folder.  Of course if you do that, you have to be careful only to reference classes which are available in Mono.